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"Kyoto-Lite" seems to be the word of the day. It's a concept from the Blair-Bush "special relationship" in an attempt to make headway on the US's blank refusal to combat its 25% contribution to world greenhouse gas emissions or ratify Kyoto. "Kyoto-Lite" would "involve scientific agreement on the scale and nature of the threat, as well as an international programme to develop the technology needed for renewable energy and the reduction of carbon emissions" but wouldn't actually commit the US to making any emission reductions. [ Times / Guardian ]

Michael Crichton, author of Jurasic Park, is bringing out a new book called State of Fear. In it environmentalists plot a series of earthquakes to prove climate change exists. This stuff is really off the wall. [Guardian / Independent]</a> See, I've always had the thought that the US President having people believe there are terrorists around every corner as a more adequate topic for such a book, and most British MPs agree (article originally from the Independent).

The location of the Lewis wind farm continues to cause dispute. The RSPB and the Scottish Wildlife Trust have both spoke out against the stations now. It's a myth in most circumstances that wind farms slice up birds (it's quite rare, especially when you compare them to cars), but the construction of them in this could damage the fragile habitats in which the local bird and wildlife live. On the other hand this is potentially the world's largest on-shore wind farm, enough to power a huge 1.1m people, exactly the kind of project we need. One of those situations where there's losers either way.

Wuppertal Institute has just released a new report describing how much a lesser evil natural gas is over coal or oil. [here]

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