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Hadley says by 2050 we're all cooked

Heatwaves like that in 2003, which killed 15,000 in Europe will seem "unusually cool" in 2050 according to the Met Office's world-respected Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in a brand new report.

"In its report Uncertainty, Risk and Dangerous Climate Change, to be published today at the climate talks in Buenos Aires [COP10], it estimates that average temperatures will rise by 3.5C, well above the 2C which the EU says is the limit to avoid catastrophic global warming."

"It also says that the Greenland ice sheet could disappear, ultimately raising the global sea level by 7 metres. This could proceed at the rate of 5.5mm a year, and this with the 3mm rise caused by the thermal expansion of sea water would soon put large part of Britain, including the London docklands, under threat."

Partially as a result of climate change, a quarter of bird species will likely be "functionally extinct" by the end of the century, and 14% completely so: "Given the momentum of climate change, widespread habitat loss and increasing numbers of invasive species, avian declines and extinctions are predicted to continue unabated in the near future." said the Cagan Sekercioglu of the Stanford centre for conservation biology. [Guardian]

The UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) has re-released an enhanced version of its Greenhouse Gas Inventory Database. "Users will benefit from the simplified search system and faster processing time. Information about GHG data sources; frequently asked questions; predefined queries; related documents; summary graphs -- these are some of the many new features that will help user make the most of this system."

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